Funds receive 5* rating from Morningstar

Duet Alternative Investments is pleased to announce that MC Patrimoine 1 and Merit Care Fund receive 5* Rating from Morningstar.

MC Patrimoine 1 and Merit Care Fund, sub funds of the Merit Capital Global Investment Fund, were recently awarded the top score (5*) by Morningstar, a leading global provider of independent investment research for two of its investment Funds. This rating places these funds in the top 10% of investment products within their category.

Paul Reynolds, CO-CEO of Merit Capital NV “We have invested a lot of time in improving the investment committee policies and procedures and have built out internal research team to strengthen our conviction in macro allocation and global views. We have an investment advisory contract with Duet Alternative Investments (UK) Ltd which adds additional capabilities to our team and helps in central money management. We strive to maintain the Morningstar 5* Rating for MC Patrimoine 1 and Merit Care Fund. “

Chairman of Merit Capital NV Henry Gabay “We are thrilled to receive this rating in recognition of the improved asset management capabilities at the firm.’

Merit Capital is the Belgium Wealth Management arm of Duet Group; and is the investment manager of the sub-funds. Duet Alternative Investments is the investment advisor of Merit Capital NV.

Please visit for further information including the KIIDs and Prospectuses of these funds.


About Merit Capital:

Merit Capital was founded in 2000 by professionals who have earned their spurs in the financial world. Their experience has led to the conviction to work from a philosophy of transparency and mutual interest. From focus and result orientation. Merit Capital realized exceptional growth over the last decade. Between 2007 and 2010 the assets under management grew with an average of 70% per year through acquisitions and organic growth. This led to a geographical expansion through branches. Today Merit Capital has branches in every Flemish region; Antwerp, Bruges, Deurle, Hasselt, Kortrijk and Leuven. Starting in 2000 with a couple of people, we have grown to almost 44 dedicated employees. In 2018 Duet Group became controlling shareholder of Merit Capital.


About Morningstar

Morningstar research is conducted by a team of over 100 fund analysts worldwide and has become highly regarded by investment experts for its in-depth independent research. Ratings are awarded on how the Funds have performed in comparison to similar investment strategies, after adjusting for risk and accounting for all relevant charges.



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